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ArtzySmartzy H2O

Our last evening together was spent on Clearwater Beach. We were fortunate to have a lovely sunset and chairs in the sand to watch. We pulled out the acrylic paint and got to work "en plain air". As the darkness fell, some of us were still painting by flashlight. Others had moved to the hammocks to embrace that noble Floridian tradition of simply swaying in the breeze.

Egmont Key was our last stop before heading home, but the ferry ride over was just the start of another day of adventure. Highlights on this deserted island were a unique lighthouse an abandoned fort, and an untouched beach with a billion shells to gather. Once again, the downpour followed us and we ended our exploration huddled under the abandoned pier, waiting on the return of the ferry, while the storm blew around us. How many ways are there to get in the water in Florida? I think this week, we experienced them all!

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