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about me

Jennifer McAninch is a native of Ocala, Florida.  She holds a bachelor of arts degree in Art History from Arizona State University.  She is currently pursuing both a master of arts in Art Education and a PhD in Art History from University of Florida.

As an artist, she works in multiple media, but specializes in oil painting, digital photography and sculpture.  Her choice of subject matter varies, but often connects to themes of the natural world.  Other frequently revisited topics include exploration, perspective, symbology and experience.

As an educator, she works at a small independent school.  Mrs. McAninch is currently completing her twelfth year teaching visual arts to students from preschool through eighth grade.  Her curricular program focuses on studio art and design.  Each year she curates student work for participation in juried shows.  Her students frequently receive competitive awards, including several Best in Show accolades.


As a historian, she is fascinated by ancient cultures.  Her globalized studies include significant art and artifacts from civilizations around the world. Mrs. McAninch is also interested in the contributions of female artists and in determining how their artwork can be successfully incorporated into the established art history cannon.  She participated in successive study abroad programs in Florence, Italy during 2014-2015. These forays into the history of the area inspired her upcoming doctoral research.

If you are interested in using any of the images or research from this website, please request permission, prior to inclusion, by email at

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